30 janvier 2007

ENGLISH READERS or other languages

This post is especially for my english readers and the others peoples who live outside the Francophony.

First I would like to tell you that you're welcome .

I know that the tittle of my blog is in english , so i understand that you feel strange that the language i use is the french .

However , you can send me a message or a comment .There is no problem for me to read you and understand you .

If you have a special interest for one recipe , you can use the translator on your right (tools).

It'snt perfect but for the simple words and sentences , it can help you . I apologize for the syntax and grammar mistakes.

I can also translate myself one recipe and send you by email if you want .

Don't forget to give me yours .

I like to think that when I sleep , my blog is wake up on the other side of the world .It's funny !

Who will be the first to send a message ?

( credit photo )
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

1 commentaire:

Deana Sidney a dit…

you can get google translate and the whole thing is done for you with one click!!! you have such a lovely blog... it would be great to be able to read it easily... or my French must improve dramatically!!!

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